Buy a HOME 30% to 40% off a current appraisal, or beat foreclosure!


Affordable Land Lease Homes, Inc. (ALLH) is a permanently approved 501(c)(3) public charity synergistically integrating government agencies to protect American investment in American soil and perpetually lift qualified Americans, communities, and therefore Americans for countless generations working with America’s three toughest housing problems, low-mod housing combined with foreclosures equals Americans helping with housing crisis!

(Utah Department of Commerce Entity #5047330-0140)

Become a homeowner or keep your home through an ALLH Land Lease

  1. 1)Receive a current qualified & monitored appraisal listing the home and lot separately

  2. 2)If the lot is in ALLH or placed into ALLH, the home alone is 20% to 40% off current market value and within reach of low-mod income families or allows for much lower mortgage payment

  3. 3)ALLH lots are leased for $35 (special needs) or $50 a month on a 99-year renewable land lease

  4. 4)Regular discrete monitoring provides long term securities and foreclosure protection